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Welcome to Telejet Music Studio

A live and post production recording studio perfect for
independent artists and bands.
Telejet has catered exclusively to indies since the 90's.

We are a full production recording, editing, mixing and mastering studio with a live rehearsal room right in the heart of Toronto's Queen St. West!
High ceilings and natural sky lighting.Private kitchen and bathroom with shower. High-speed WIFI. Accommodations for up to 6 people.

It’s our pleasure to help you produce your music to the highest creative and professional standards.
Our studio has a positive, relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Since it’s creation, Telejet Music Studio has worked with countless musicians within almost every musical genre.
Call us. Let's talk about how we can help you make your record.

email: telejetmusic@gmail.com
Text: 647-852-8538 (or call)


Telejet Music Studio is owned and operated by
Toronto producer singer songwriter Gene Hughes.

A music-making space: Before we put together all the elements of a professional studio, Gene and friends used the place for music writing and rehearsing from 1990 to '96. Demos were made during this time using multi-track cassette recorders. In '97, the pro reel-to-reel analogue decks came with the Soundtracks recording console. Gene's band Telejet recorded their first album "Meeting Place" and began recording John McMullin's classic "Beginners" album to tape. Mixes went down to a Studer half track and DAT. Gradually over time, more and more musician friends came to rely on the studio which eventually became known as Telejet Music Studio. Many albums, singles and musical projects have been completed over the years. Presently, the studio is equipped with all the modern gear one needs to create any style of record. We are very proud of all the work we have done. Our records have been released internationally and streamed and aired throughout the world. To see some of the people who have graced us with their presence, please look at our Wall of Name.

The studio walls are steeped with all the good vibes of the joy of music making. Drop in for a visit.

Call (416) 504-2900.
email: telejetmusic@gmail.com
Text: 647-852-8538 (or call)


Telejet is a Pop band founded in 1996 by Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter, Gene Hughes.


Telejet is currently producing the 3rd album

June 2020 Editing the video for SpiritualAge.

May 2020 Telejet remasters first 2 albums

May 2020: Telejet releases video for HeartStrings Link

September 2018: Telejet releases video for AI Nhumankind (sic). Link

Meanwhile, stay tuned for upcoming live concert dates...


Great live room with high ceilings and natural sky lighting ! Full P.A. system

Technical info and equipment:
Console: British analogue recording desk 16 X 8 X 16 by Soundtracks

Daws: Pro Tools recording system: Pro tools v.10, Ableton Live v.9, Ableton Push interface, Steinberg Nuendo

Plug-ins: Waves Platinum, Slate, plus many others

Microphones: Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, EV, Rode, Apex ribbon.

Monitoring: Telefunken TLX 22/8 Professional, Yamaha MSP5 nearfields, Avantone MixCube, Braun amps, Hafler DH200

Outboard: SSL Duende, Universal Audio 6176 and dual ART Pro VLA

Guitar Amps: Roland Jazz Chorus, Marshall JCM 900 + 4X12 cab, Fender Twin, Fender Pro Junior, Traynor vintage Guitar Mate Reverb III, Genz-Benz Diablo, Traynor K2 (Keyboard), Yorkville KW100 power wedge, Traynor 200B

Keyboards: Yamaha SE90 ES 88 key weighted, Casio Privia 88 key weighted, Novation launchkey 25 controller keyboard, Piano: Mason & Risch Upright

Guitars: '82 Fender Stratocaster, Charvel Surfcaster 12 string, Gibson ES335, Eastwood Mosrite Baritone 6 string, Acoustic guitars, Eastman mandolin

Basses: Rickenbacher 4001, Hofner beatle bass, Fender Jazz

FX pedals: Boss Roland Space Echo, Crybaby wah, Ibanez tubo screamer, Maxon OD808 and more

Drums: Tama Royal Star 5 piece with hardware and cymbals

Percussion, bells and whistles: tambourines X 3, one shot Latin percussion X 2, shakers X 3, wood block, vibraslap, glockenschpiel, rhythm stick, sleigh bells, triangle, cabasa, slide whistle, kazoos, cowbell, toy tambourines, bike horn/bell, bongos, jembe, jews harp + scores of electronic FX

Misc: PA system with Shure mics and stands, Multi-run CD

duplicator, Analogue recorders: TASCAM 38 1/2" 8 Track, TASCAM DA-30 Mk II (DAT), TASCAM 112, TASCAM 38, Sony DC-W32


This is our shameless name-drop of the famous and infamous! Year after year, we have have many of wonderful musicians visit our space and offer us great sounds to work with. Most come again and again. Here are some names you may know…

Art Bergmann, Spookey Ruben, The Mahones, Ron Sexsmith, Mary Margaret O'Hara, CHOIR CHOIR CHOIR, Tijuana Bibles, Mitch Perkins (Rusty), Luxury Bob, Steve "LIps" Kudlow (Anvil), The Carps, Shawn Hewitt, Rough Boys, Johnny Fay (Tragically Hip), Dhamnait Doyle, Ian D'Sa (Billy Talent), Jonathon Moorman, Glenn Milchem (Blue Rodeo), Michael O'Grady, Kilauren (Joni Mitchell), Les Six, Terminals, Kevin Hearn (Barenaked Ladies), Lee Mellor, Damien Abraham (Fucked Up), Luxury bob, Trans Love Airways, Ian Blurton (Public Animal), The Weirdies, Comic Book Fever, Beethoven Frieze, John McMullin, Poppyseed, Perfect Thunder, Starfucker, Release the Bats, The BBC, Ginger Minge, Swampbaby, Telejet, Miranda Mulholland, Jacques and the Shakey Boys, David Celia, Tuuli, and many many more...

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Telejet - Baby Blue 2

Telejet - Beautiful World

Telejet - For The Living


Rates are variable. Due to the many changes (or advances, if you like) in modern technology, musicians tend to engage the services of a recording studio in unique ways. You and your project are special. Please call us to find out the best deal for your record ! We are fully equipped to Track, Edit, Mix and Master your recording. Services include a fully-qualified engineer/producer. Professionals may also wish to rent the studio space to conduct their own sessions. Other services available include: studio session performance, rehearsals, instruction, music theory lessons, guitar/bass lessons, pre-production consulting, writing, arranging, referrals, vocal-coaching, multi-cd duplication: Call for a quote !

email: telejetmusic@gmail.com
Text: 647-852-8538 (or call)


Telejet Music Studio is located in the heart of Queen Street West near Spadina Avenue in Toronto, Canada.

High ceilings and natural sky lighting. Private kitchen and bathroom with shower. High-speed WIFI. Accommodations for up to 6 people.


The studio is located on Queen Street West between Bathurst Street and Spadina Street in Toronto, Canada. The ground fl oor studio has easy access and load-in via rear alleyway.

Hours of operation:
We have the good fortune of being in the centre of the city, but we’re able to play 24/7. Most sessions of course, are in the afternoons and evenings. Best time to reach us is weekday afternoons.


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